Fruit of the Spirit ….part 1

Visible Growth in Jesus Christ
 “Fruit of the Spirit” is a biblical term that sums up the nine visible attributes of a true Christian life.

(ref,Galatians 5*22-23) these attributes are: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance

We learn from scripture that these are not individual “fruits” from which we pick and choose. Rather, the fruit of the Spirit is one ninefold “fruit” that characterizes all who truly walk in the Holy Spirit. Collectively, these are the fruits that all Christians should be producing in their new lives with Jesus Christ.

God knew what was best for me



Fortunately for us, God knows the future. In my own life, I prayed those kinds of desperate prayers. God knew what was best for me, though, and looking back years later, I saw the wisdom of his delay. And sometimes, what I thought was the opportunity of a lifetime would have, instead, turned out to be a lifetime of misery.

Many of us want a “drive through” life, but nothing worthwhile can be done in a rush. If we don’t give God a chance to do things His way, in His time, we risk stepping outside His will into a total failure.

When you give God a chance both time and opportunity to work with you, you’re obeying Him, and obedience always brings blessings.

God’s timing requires faith and it is perfect for you, be more patient and wait on God.

Believers Who are Joined to Christ Are One Spirit

We are a new being, a new creation made possible through the suffering of Christ Jesus on our behalf at the cross of Calvary. It is only through Christ Jesus that we share all the promises of the God, giving us the confidence and assurance that promotes our growing in Christ Jesus (ref,Ephesians 2*10 and Philippians 1*6).
Christ Jesus went obediently through His sufferings, and that is why God loved Him. The Father loved Christ Jesus as His Son, and Christ Jesus loves us as fellow heirs with Him. We will grow in Christ Jesus as we imitate God in mercy, holiness, and above all love (ref,John 15:9 and Ephesians 5:1–2).
We are each capable of establishing a “heart-to-heart” relationship” with the Lord. Growing in Christ requires a continual repentance, constant faith in Him and thankfulness for the love of our Redeemer (ref,Romans 10*9–10 and 1 John 1*9).
We know we are on a healthy path of growing in Christ by because of our relationship to the Lord. Believers who are joined to Christ are one spirit. We are set apart for God’s use because Jesus paid the price for our sin (ref,Romans 14*7–8 and 1 Corinthians 6*19–20).

Is your Hope in The Lord?



Hope in the Lord Jesus Christ because all good power belong to Him, without Him life has no meaning, the question is to you today.

 Have you never heard or understood?
 Don’t you know that the LORD is the everlasting God,
 the Creator of all the earth? He never grows faint or weary.
 No one can measure the depths of his understanding.
 He gives power to those who are tired and worn out;
 he offers strength to the weak.
 Even youths will become exhausted, and young men will give up.
 But those who wait on the LORD will find new strength.
 They will fly high on wings like eagles.
 They will run and not grow weary.
 They will walk and not faint.
(ref,Isaiah 40*28-31)

God give more understanding and insight into what He wants you to do.



As a person, you don’t need to drift side by side any more. Once you commit yourself to helping other people, God will open your eyes and heart to their needs. We all think that discovering our purpose in life will be like a light bulb going on, suddenly making everything clear and achievable.

But it’s more like the sunrise, gradually illuminating this and that so we can recognize things for what they really are. As you obey God, and love to help others, God will give you more understanding and insight into what He wants you to do.

You don’t have to accomplish something spectacular to fulfill your purpose in life. You only need to let God use you, for His purpose, right where you are.

LIFE has Meaning if you Live it for GOD………


When life is meaningless, it’s a sign that we have pursued the wrong things. We have looked to do things that do not have the power to satisfy and never will.
As we go through life, we people don’t always have the maturity to make wise choices on our own. We have to make mistakes and learn from the consequences. That’s painful.

Even one of the wisest men who ever lived had to learn that lesson. His name was King Solomon, and you can benefit from his experience by reading the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. In spite of his wisdom, Solomon made the wrong choices. But we can learn what he did wrong. Many people don’t even realize they have a choice. They think they have to go along with the crowd, or society, or what advertising tells them.

Here’s our choice: We can go along with the world, or we can go along with God. The world offers independence, freedom, fun, excitement, sensuality, good times.

But here’s what God says He offers: freedom, forgiveness, contentment, guidance, hope, maturity, protection, purpose, and unconditional love. Once you make the choice to go with God and stick with Him no matter what, the thought that life is meaningless will never crosses your mind again.

When Jesus Christ said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (ref,John 14*6), He gave us the key to the meaning of life. Everything revolves around Him. He is the compass we look to for the right direction. He is the measure of what is true and what is false. And His way is the best way. God gives meaning because God is love. He loves you and wants you to love Him. God’s love is powerful and permanent. When you join His family through Jesus Christ, you’ll discover the purpose of life and You know where you’re going in this life, and in the next. Life has meaning if you live it for God.

That’s the choice. Get God. Find meaning of life