Being in Christ Jesus also Involves the Holy Spirit

Being in Christ also involves the Holy Spirit, who convicts, comforts, and communicates with the disciple of Christ (ref,John 14, 16). The truth that the Holy Spirit will teach the believer in Christ is always the same as that which Jesus Christ said to His disciples while they walked with Him on this earth (ref,John 16*13-15).

 This invisible leading is one that goes beyond words and even outward actions. There is an intimacy for the follower of Christ who hears the beckoning and guidance of the Holy Spirit which transcends what can be described in human terms alone. This closeness leads to a fruitful life with both inward and outward manifestations. These fruit are gifts from this life with the Holy Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

 Jesus Christ likened abiding in Him to a branch of a tree remaining part of the main vine of a tree (ref,Luke 13 and John 15). From this vine (Jesus Christ) comes the only true, spiritual nourishment and eternal life. The branch that seeks its own ways and substitutes candy for spiritual food will not grow and will not produce spiritual fruit (ref,John 15*2, 6). The branch which receives this spiritual food grows and helps to lead to other growth on the tree and receives to itself a life of “peace that passes all

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