God Has Already Issued His Calling for You

You might not have expected it. You might not have seen it coming. You might not even feel ready, but . . .

God is calling you into your destiny, and it’s bigger, greater, and more wonderful than you can even imagine.

The choice is yours today: Will you walk into your destiny? Will you follow His call?

Here’s an example of two people who did.

In Matthew 4*18-19, Jesus Christ sees Simon Peter and his brother Andrew fishing. Jesus Christ calls them by saying . . .

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Here is something powerful about that verse I want you to see:


God’s plan for your life—His call—
is always greater than your plan!


Peter and Andrew were searching for fish, but Jesus Christ was calling them into their future.

Their true calling was more than being fishermen, more than being laborers, more than living in the status quo, their true calling was to follow Jesus and build His Church.

But in that moment, they had a choice to make. They could either:

Stay in what was safe, comfortable, and what they knew . . . or

Step out in faith and pursue their destiny
You have that same choice today. You can play it safe, never praying, dreaming, or believing to realize your destiny.

Or you can step out and answer the call of God on your life! And remember: God’s call is always for more: more influence, more wisdom, more favor, more increase.

As I study the Word of God, I see that God’s call is not the problem. He has already issued His call for your life.

Acceptance Means Now……

If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are Creating suffering for yourself and others… Whatever you cannot enjoy doing, you can at least accept that this is what you have to do. Acceptance means: for now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly.

One of my greatest teachers is my own body. Being “sensitive” is a gift in many ways, especially when it comes to assisting others. However, it has it’s challenges: needing lots of quiet recharge time, and living with bouts of fatigue.
Through the years I’ve tried to get rid of fatigue through conventional and unconventional methods. Although some of it helped, fatigue still shows up from time to time.

Gradually, I’ve learned to accept it.

The reality is it’s here. Period. All my resistance to it only increased the fatigue, creating more suffering. What we resist we actually strengthen.

Finally, with a recent dance with fatigue, I gave up.

“Can I accept this situation exactly as it is?”

When I get quiet, observe the heavy sensations in the body, decline to listen to the story in my head about it, and stop fighting fatigue, I can just be here with it. Then my attitude toward it shifts and there is gentleness around it.

I realized a cause of the fatigue is a clench of resistance to “what is” in other arenas of my life. This clench manifested in my body and used up some of my body’s life force. No wonder it gets exhausted!

Then resistance to the fatigue increased the clench, syphoning off even more life force.

I’m still not running marathons, but I have energy to do what my heart truly wants to do. What my “get it done” voice tells me I “should” do turns out to not be important. Accordingly, I feel much more relaxed and at peace.


Salvation is Gods Doing…….

This is to say simply that salvation is from the Lord. It is not due to self-effort and it is not even a joint-effort. It is God’s doing.

I must say … that the doctrine which leaves salvation to the creature, and tells him that it depends upon himself, is the exaltation of the flesh, and a dishonouring of God. But that which puts in God’s hand man, fallen man, and tells man that though he has destroyed himself, yet his salvation must be of God, that doctrine humbles man in the very dust, and then he is just in the right place to receive the grace and mercy of God.

When God opens the eyes of sinners to see their desperate condition and that He alone can save them, all that they can do is to cry out to Him for mercy:

2. To be forgiven by God, we must lay hold of God’s only solution.

A. God’s only solution involves redemption, the forgiveness of sins.