Nothing can Stop GOD’S Destiny in your Life……..

God can use anything to bring you into your destiny. The good things, the unexplained things, even the tough circumstances in life . . . He can use them all!

Isaiah 43*19 say I will even make a road in the
wilderness and rivers in the desert

There is no “wilderness” that God cannot guide you through. And there is no devil in hell that can stop His plan

What looks like a roadblock is just a redirection . . .
What feels like an obstacle is an opportunity . . .
God is about to reroute you

The “wilderness” experiences and the times in the “desert” serve as your spiritual resume.

When the enemy attacks, you can tell him how many times God has brought you out before.

I’ve been sick before . . . but I made it!
I’ve been broke before . . . but I made it!
I’ve cried all night . . . but I made it!
I’ve been betrayed . . . but I made it

Come hell or high water . . . you’re going to make it! Nothing can stop God’s destiny in your life.

Get ready! God is with you. He is making a way. He is going to reroute you into His great plan for your life!.