Rependance for the forgiveness of sins

How we would love to have been there when our Lord Jesus christ taught this lesson. At least we would have liked to have had this study recorded in the Scriptures.

Even from the few words Luke has recorded, there are some important truths to be gained. First, we are told that Jesus’ suffering and glory are a subject repeatedly addressed in the Old Testament, which Peter indicates elsewhere (see 1 Peter 1*10-12). Second, we learn that Jesus taught His disciples about His suffering and glory from the beginning of the Bible to the events of His death, burial, and resurrection.

Third, notice that what Jesus taught the disciples is, in essence, the gospel. The basis for the “repentance for forgiveness of sins,” which was to be proclaimed (as the gospel) “to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem” (verse 47) is the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Lord.

Our subject for this lesson is the forgiveness of God, or in terms of an attribute of God, “the forgiving God.” We shall seek to follow the pattern of our Lord when considering the forgiveness of God. We will first show that God is characterized by being a forgiving God. Then, beginning in the first Book of the Bible, we will show how God’s purpose of forgiving sins has been accomplished in Christ.

In this lesson, more Scripture is cited with less commentary and interpretation because the Bible is very clear on the subject of the forgiveness of sins (as it is on many other matters), and I want to allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves on our subject. I urge you to read the Scriptures carefully to glean the beautiful story of our forgiving God, who has accomplished the “forgiveness of sins,” by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

God’s favor is with you


God’s favor is your promise. You don’t have to wish or hope for it—it’s already being poured out! So . . .

The question isn’t: Do you have God’s favor?

The question is: Are you positioned to receive it?

Here is what I’ve learned: In order to live in God’s blessing, you have to be positioned for favor!

Favor is more than just protection or provision. Favor is about positioning. And the good news is this: God can use anything—even the trials and tribulations of life—to reposition you.

When you find the position of God’s favor, no devil in hell can keep you from your destiny!

The obstacles can seem overwhelming, and the difficulties can get discouraging. But don’t give up. Instead, GET READY! God is repositioning you!

In my new seven-message teaching Positioned for Favor, you’ll discover . . .

How to look past the threat in order to see the provision.
The three keys to being positioned for favor.
What God will always do first, before promoting you to something greater.

God respond to our faith, not our needs

When Jesus Christ disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, He taught them what is called “The Lord’s Prayer.” The prayer He taught them to honor God, seek His perfect will for their lives, to petition for their needs, to expect His supply and to offer themselves in service.

 A neat way to remember to include these things in your prayer is to think of the word P.R.A.Y., which stands for Praise, Rejoice, Ask, and Yield. This is a great foundation point to build your own prayers.

 Prayer is a two way street. Our Father in heaven yearns to communicate with us. We have been given this wonderful opportunity to have a two way conversation with our Creator. He already knows our hearts and thoughts, but to express them to Him releases our burdens and desires.

 When we confide in God, He makes His answers known to us. We aren’t just praying to hear ourselves talking. Prayer builds the relationship we have with God. Prayer builds our faith to Him.

 God responds to our faith, not our need. Prayer is the action that releases our faith. We, too, can pray like Jesus Christ. Start now it’s never too late.

Making smart decisions

Here’s some good news: You can make smart decisions in life and still have fun.

But here’s the problem. How do you make smart decisions when you’re young and don’t have decades of life experience?

You get that experience, that maturity from someone who’s already gone through what you’re facing.

My pain, your gain!
Follow these simple principles
and your life will start to turn around.
Let me make something absolutely clear: This ebook is not a bunch of “smile and you’ll feel better” nonsense. It’s hardheaded, practical help for singles who are ready to discover how to navigate the ups and downs and take control of their future.

I reveal how to have:

•Confidence- instead of worry.
•Loving relationships- instead of loneliness.
•Fulfillment- instead of frustration.
•Enthusiasm-  instead of depression.
•Sureness- instead of uncertainty.



People may have spoken negative things over you, but what others say doesn’t determine your future. It’s what you say and what you believe that determines your future and the direction of your life.

Get ready for a bright future knowing that Christ will open and shut the right doors for your provision and protection (see Rev 3*7).

God will not allow things to happen that won’t somehow move you toward your destiny. He can see things that we can’t see. He knows the end from the beginning. There are times it looks like God is taking us the wrong way. We were about to pay our car off and the flood hits, we have to start all over. Somebody spreads rumors and keeps you from a promotion. You thought you met the person of your dreams, but they had a change of heart and it didn’t work out. We think, “God, where were You? Why didn’t You stop this from happening? God, You could have stopped the flood. You could have kept me from that rejection. You could have caused them to stay.” What we can’t see is the disappointments, the betrayals, the bad breaks are all a part of God’s plan. We don’t like it, it’s uncomfortable, but without them, we wouldn’t reach our destiny.