People may have spoken negative things over you, but what others say doesn’t determine your future. It’s what you say and what you believe that determines your future and the direction of your life.

Get ready for a bright future knowing that Christ will open and shut the right doors for your provision and protection (see Rev 3*7).

God will not allow things to happen that won’t somehow move you toward your destiny. He can see things that we can’t see. He knows the end from the beginning. There are times it looks like God is taking us the wrong way. We were about to pay our car off and the flood hits, we have to start all over. Somebody spreads rumors and keeps you from a promotion. You thought you met the person of your dreams, but they had a change of heart and it didn’t work out. We think, “God, where were You? Why didn’t You stop this from happening? God, You could have stopped the flood. You could have kept me from that rejection. You could have caused them to stay.” What we can’t see is the disappointments, the betrayals, the bad breaks are all a part of God’s plan. We don’t like it, it’s uncomfortable, but without them, we wouldn’t reach our destiny.

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