God respond to our faith, not our needs

When Jesus Christ disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, He taught them what is called “The Lord’s Prayer.” The prayer He taught them to honor God, seek His perfect will for their lives, to petition for their needs, to expect His supply and to offer themselves in service.

 A neat way to remember to include these things in your prayer is to think of the word P.R.A.Y., which stands for Praise, Rejoice, Ask, and Yield. This is a great foundation point to build your own prayers.

 Prayer is a two way street. Our Father in heaven yearns to communicate with us. We have been given this wonderful opportunity to have a two way conversation with our Creator. He already knows our hearts and thoughts, but to express them to Him releases our burdens and desires.

 When we confide in God, He makes His answers known to us. We aren’t just praying to hear ourselves talking. Prayer builds the relationship we have with God. Prayer builds our faith to Him.

 God responds to our faith, not our need. Prayer is the action that releases our faith. We, too, can pray like Jesus Christ. Start now it’s never too late.

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