God’s favor is with you


God’s favor is your promise. You don’t have to wish or hope for it—it’s already being poured out! So . . .

The question isn’t: Do you have God’s favor?

The question is: Are you positioned to receive it?

Here is what I’ve learned: In order to live in God’s blessing, you have to be positioned for favor!

Favor is more than just protection or provision. Favor is about positioning. And the good news is this: God can use anything—even the trials and tribulations of life—to reposition you.

When you find the position of God’s favor, no devil in hell can keep you from your destiny!

The obstacles can seem overwhelming, and the difficulties can get discouraging. But don’t give up. Instead, GET READY! God is repositioning you!

In my new seven-message teaching Positioned for Favor, you’ll discover . . .

How to look past the threat in order to see the provision.
The three keys to being positioned for favor.
What God will always do first, before promoting you to something greater.

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