Fear is not an Option….

Shout with me, FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION!

My brethrens, if you live in fear of what is not real, you will never appreciate the sudden blessings from the Holy Spirit. There are seasons in your life when the Holy Spirit wants to surprise you with unexpected blessings. But if you live in fear of every sound that goes bump in the night, you will close the door on your blessings.

It has always been God’s divine plan that you have dominion in the earth. You were not sent to this earth realm live in fear. The enemy is after your imagination, because he wants to keep you scared of the dark. As long as you walk around afraid of what could happen next, you stay paralyzed. The enemy’s calculated attempts to ruin your day are part of his plan.

I can’t begin to tell how important it is that you start participating in what God is doing. What the Holy Spirit has for you is for NOW. Listen, if you want to be who God created you to be and step into your greatness, you have to allow yourself to be pushed. You have to be open to allow someone who sees farther than you are able to see, to guide you to your wealthy place!

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