Give Yourself Permission to be Pushed to your Greatness

a new chapter is being written about your life and the past can finally be put to rest. The atmosphere that you create will determine what will grow in this season. The blessings of the Lord are going to overtake you and place you under Holy Ghost arrest.You are in the season of the PUSH.”
•There is no stopping you now.
•Start using what’s in your hand.
•Your imagination is releasing your wealth.

The enemy thought he had set up boundaries around you that would be too difficult for you to penetrate. That was a mistake, because you are not leaning on your own understanding. You are standing on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the promises of God! The Holy Spirit revealed that the enemy wants to stop you from dreaming. He is doing his best to stop all Communication with the Father.

your future is contained in your dreams. God’s reality for your life will withstand any attacks the enemy brings in your direction. Just when the enemy thought it was over, you can shout that the best has been saved for NOW!
•Are you ready to be pushed into the season God has for you?
•Are you ready to do some things that may feel uncomfortable?
•Are you ready to go some places that may seem unfamiliar?
•Are you ready to connect with some people that may cause you to feel intimidated


there is a wave of God’s Glory that is about to overtake you, but you must be ready for the PUSH! You must be ready to move when God says move!


you have to give yourself permission to be pushed to your greatness. You have to give yourself permission to take the risks. You have to give yourself permission to be bold. You have to give yourself permission to receive the blessings of the Lord.

your best is right around the corner. When limitations show up in your life, speak God’s abundance and increase into the atmosphere. Your suffering, your pain, and your disappointments are disappearing in this season of the PUSH.

in your “Promised Land.” No “Goliath” is too big to conquer. Just like David, victory is in your hands.
•You are being PUSHED from the back of the line.
•You are being PUSHED into your destiny.
•You are being PUSHED into greatness.
•You are being PUSHED into the prosperity of Go

Don’t give up until God answers you one way or another….



What can you do in those instances when you know you have prayed for something within God’s will – and yet the answer to your prayer seems to be SILENCE? You petition the Father in faith, yet his response is nothing.

Don’t be so sure that God’s silence is His final answer or that it is a “sign” for you to stop asking. If you have done everything right and have made your petition in faith, consider His silence as an invitation to approach Him and talk over the matter a little more. It may be that God wants to see if you are willing to persist in your request and pursue a definitive answer. “I am the Lord, and I created the whole world. Ask me, and I will tell you things that you don’t know and can’t find out.” (ref,Jeremiah 33), And shall not God execute vengeance for His elect, who cry out to Him day and night, and patiently watch over them? (ref,Luke 18)

Don’t give up until God answers you one way or another. When he does respond it will be one of three answers: Yes, No and Wait.

Of course, the answer all of us usually want from God regarding our requests is a big YES!

Solomon, as a young and inexperienced King of Israel, asked God for something he knew he greatly lacked – wisdom. God responded not only with a loud YES, but gave him far more than he could have dared to ask.

The early church, after Peter was arrested by Herod, offered up fervent prayers for him. What they received from God was nothing short of miraculous. God personally sent one of his angels to free Peter of his chains and escort him out of the prison in which he was held (ref,Acts 12)!

Like it or not, sometimes God’s answer to our request is a flat NO. Many times He does not give us what we want because we ask for something to fulfill our own selfish desires and lusts.
Then you ask, and you do not receive, because you ask with evil motives, that you may consume it on your own lusts. (ref,James 4*3)

Moses, even though he wanted to enter the promised land with the rest of Israelites, was kept from doing so by God because of his sin. He was only allowed to view Canaan from a distance before he died (ref,Numbers 20*12).

Even Jesus, the son of God, was told NO when he asked that “the cup” of becoming sin for us be taken from him (ref,Matthew 26, see also Matthew 20*22-23).

Having to wait and exercise patience is not easy, especially in a society that expects instant gratification. Yet the character to wait patiently and endure is something God wants in us (ref,Romans 5*1-5).
I waited patiently for the Lord’s help; then he listened to me and heard my cry. (ref,Psalm 40*1)

In the final believers can be confident that their prayers to God do reach Him for his loving consideration.
And this is the confidence that we have toward Him: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we may ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of Him (ref,1John 5*14-15)

Son of Man has Authority on Earth to Forgive Sins…….


When Jesus said, “Your sins are forgiven” He was not speaking empty words. He had the power to forgive sin. In fact, Jesus used the physical healing to confirm His authority to dispense spiritual healing: “‘I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.’ So He said to the paralyzed man, ‘I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.’ Immediately he stood up in front of them, took what he had been lying on and went home praising God” (ref,Luke 5*24–25).

Turning to the Old Testament, we find other people whose sins were forgiven before Jesus died on the cross. David prayed for forgiveness (ref,Psalm 51*2) and received it. “Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven” (ref,Psalm 32*1). As he touched Isaiah with a coal from the altar, an angel declared the prophet’s forgiveness: “Your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for” (ref,Isaiah 6*7).

The principle found all through the Bible is that forgiveness is God’s business. “To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness” (ref,Daniel 9*9). When Jesus displayed His power to forgive sins, He clearly showed that He was the Son of God wielding God’s authority in this world. “Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

Forgiveness of sin in every dispensation has always been based on Jesus’ death on the cross (ref, Hebrews 9*15). In the Old Testament, sins were forgiven on the basis of Jesus’ death on the cross, of which the animal sacrifices were but a foreshadowing. During the life of Christ, sins were forgiven on the basis of His yet-future death on the cross—the benefits of that sacrifice were granted to those who had faith in Jesus. Now, by faith, we look back on the death and resurrection of Christ and receive God’s forgiveness. The good news is as Paul preached, “My friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you”. When we trust Christ, the word to us is the same as that spoken to the forgiven woman in Simon’s house: “Your faith has saved you; go in peace” (ref,Luke 7*50).

you too today believe that faith you have in Jesus Christ has saved you, Now is time to start afresh and move forward, with Christ.

God Love you and want to reveal Himself to you…


God is a mystery, but He wants us to know Him. He reveals Himself in so many ways, if we’re open to Him and trusting Him with our soul and heart. We were going to know His mind of us, meaning His plan and will of us.

Spiritual growth is a puzzle that takes a lifetime to build, but if you’re serious about it, you’ll find pieces that begin to fall into place, one after another.

Someone once said that God is willing to reveal as much of himself to us as we want to know. At times it can be a struggle to us, even frustrating, yet it’s also the most exciting quest known to man. 

Nothing beats knowing God. Wealth, fame, awards, and worldly accomplishments are like child’s play compared to a true hunger for God. He is so big, so complex, so beautiful that knowing him well will take not only this lifetime, but the rest of eternity.

As you pursue Him, He pursues you too,If you haven’t yet thrown your whole heart and self into this great adventure, I urge you to do so.

It is, without a doubt, the most fun experience you will ever have in this life, as He planned of you, it is not to hurt you but lead you to abundance He created for, fear not He is with you.

Don’t be Shaken God is with you…

 When we realize that we are truly incapable of controlling life, we can surrender our will to God’s will. It may be a matter of finally saying we trust Him. This will open the door so that we may experience the fullness of all God’s will and His plan He has for us. After all, He is our Creator and our protector, our Father and He has a perfect plan of us when we surrender our will and let Him orchestrate our lives to reach His plan and will through us.

Be not moved and know that I am God, How can we know it’s God?
“…and know that I am God” denotes recognition, acknowledgement, and answering God. First, we must know that God is God, the one and only Supreme Being who created all the heavens and earth (ref,Genesis 1*1).

We can know Him by having an intimate relationship with Him. That does not come from knowing about Him, but rather getting to personally know Him by what He says He is  (in His Holy Word, the Bible), recognizing the things He does in our lives, and by way of His Holy Spirit who comes to guide and comfort us. In John 14*26, Jesus says “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you”.

 When we read the Bible, we will learn to recognize the way God talks to us, the kinds of things He says, and the merciful love He offers.


Our God is……
> Omniscient all knowing

> Omnipresent – universal presence at the same time

> Omnipotent – all powerful

> Holy- Faithful, and Sovereign

> Infinitewithout measure, forever

Be still and know that I am God.images-36

Spiritual Growth……

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God is a mystery, but he wants us to know him. He reveals himself in so many ways, if we’re open to him. Spiritual growth is a puzzle that takes a lifetime to build, but if you’re serious about it, you’ll find pieces that begin to fall into place, one after another.

God is willing to reveal as much of himself to us as we want to know. At times it can be a struggle, even frustrating, yet it’s also the most exciting quest known to man.Nothing beats knowing God.

Wealth, fame, awards, and worldly accomplishments are like child’s play compared to a true hunger for God. He is so big, so complex, so beautiful that knowing him well will take not only this lifetime, but the rest of eternity.

God challenges the most brilliant intellect. He satisfies the simplest soul. His love and friendship give a feeling of worth that exceeds anything else on earth. As you pursue Him, He pursues you.If you haven’t yet thrown your whole heart and self into this great adventure, I urge you to do so.It is, without a doubt, the most fun you will ever have.

God’s Approval…..

What others think and say should not matter in your life. You need God’s approval in life.

When you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior, you gain his approval and acceptance. You become one of God’s adopted children. God gave his people the Ten Commandments, and our obedience of those laws is pleasing to him. We all fail from time to time. Your sins are unacceptable to God, but you are accepted.

See the difference? Our acceptance by God is through the sacrifice and grace of Jesus Christ, not through our performance. We cannot become acceptable or gain salvation by works. As a believer, you have God’s approval. While the approval of other people might be reassuring or desirable, it is not necessary for your completeness.

You will gain a sense of strength and fulfillment when you obey God. God loves your obedience. And the more you love God, the more you will want to obey him. Obeying God can often lead to the approval of people, but we don’t obey God because we’re worried about what others think. We obey God out of love and gratitude for him and for Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

When we choose to imitate Jesus, we spend less and less time trying to influence what others think and say about us. and we will get and gain more time rejoicing over God’s approval and acceptance by God.

As you follow Christ and walk in his ways, your confidence grows. The Holy Spirit convicts you of God’s love for you. You come to see that staying faithful to God is what matters. The approval of others may come and go, but God’s love is solid, unconditional, and everlasting.

God Is Looking After You….

Stop being so critical of yourself. You can stop, you know. To quit it, start believing in God’s love for you instead. Because He already love’s you.Admit that the image you have of yourself has been wrong. Leave all the accusations, criticisms and put-downs behind. You’re moving on.

You’re doing a complete overhaul of your  self-esteem. You’re going to start slowly, but you’re going to start. And move on and you will get there. So Belittling yourself is something that you control, so you can stop it. This is a gift you owe yourself, a present that you are worthy of.

God loves you so much. The Bible is his love letter to you. The manual of life, Read it. and search for the verses about “love”. Find a short verse you like and memorize it, then repeat it often to remind yourself of the truth about you.

God is turning things around. The days of beating yourself up are over. You’ve fired that nasty critic and hired a kind, new encourager. Good things are ahead.

Don’t You finally see who you really are–a person who is a image of God, a person who live with the help of God, you will to find joy, fulfilling whole new life!